Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i don't need a time machine

i am me not song not symphony
when it goes wrong
i can fix the melody

i am here
i am fine
can't turn back time
to fix what i've done

i can't go
can't turn back time
even i can do so
the sun still one the moon still shine

and i said,
"no, i don't need it"

i am here
with eyes blinking
just dare to dream
because reality is not what it seem

depan masih jauh. jangan berpatah balik


  1. uiks....hehemontop....dow the "sun still one the moon still shine"...2012 isit still fine?

  2. still..huhu...paling tidak pun bumi kte jst terhenti seminggu je~~only raining or mayb snow=p

  3. Thanx semua!

    i am me, not Him
    so i can't predict wht happend next